Sarah Bows

Information School

Employability Hub Manager

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Sarah Bows
Information School
The Wave
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I have worked at the University since 2012. Before joining the Faculty of Social Sciences, I worked in the Learning and Teaching Services (with a focus on student engagement) and the Careers Service, managing WP and PGT employability projects. More recently, I have worked on the Student Lifecycle Project as a Project Manager on the Visa and Admissions workstreams.

I work closely with colleagues in the Information School, Economics, Journalism and the Sheffield Methods Institute, as well as other Professional Services teams, to review and develop opportunities for students to enhance their employability within and alongside the curriculum. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Coordinating tailored, bespoke activities within departments and providing additional support to activities that are embedded in the curriculum
  • Establishing networks across departments to share best practice and facilitate opportunities for collaboration
  • Building relationships with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders (e.g. employers, alumni) to develop employability opportunities
  • Developing and implementing Employability Action Plans that identify departmental priority areas for employability and how they will be addressed, ensuring plans align with Faculty and University strategies
  • Providing expert knowledge of the employability agenda, the graduate labour market and its implications for graduate recruitment
  • Ensuring provision is accessible and available to all students, including those who may be under-represented or have specific employability needs.