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Working closely with advanced manufacturing and materials business, policymakers and innovators, the Regional Technology foresight project will develop a set of practices and processes for identifying, transferring, and integrating technological innovations that can help firms maximise competitiveness and sustainability in the global marketplace.


Focusing on the Sheffield City region, the Regional Technology Foresight project is a two-year ESRC-funded project aimed at identifying the future technologies that will have the greatest impact on advanced manufacturing and materials sectors in Sheffield, and at building a consensus about how best to adapt and exploit these technologies.

About Regional Technology Foresight


Dr Jorge Martins is visiting the Finland Futures Research Centre, where he is presenting the Regional Technology Foresight project, and will also hold two lectures. Jorge is being hosted by Professor Markku Wilenius. Markku is Professor of Futures Studies and UNESCO Chair in Learning Society and Futures of Education, and an Advisor to the Regional Technology Foresight project.

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