IMPROVER project

A key project within the Digital Societies research group.


This project sets out to explore how social media can help response and recovery times during natural and human-made disasters. 

The Sheffield team will look specifically at how community representatives and those involved in emergency management can use social media to create early-warning systems that can be activated during such events. They hope to identify examples of good practice for information dissemination to the public during crises.

These will be used to develop a communication strategy for emergency services and incident managers that will raise public awareness about the risks associated with these events. The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Commission Horizon 2020 (DRS-07-2014).

It is part of “IMPROVER: Improved risk evaluation and implementation of resilience concepts to critical infrastructure,” which aims to improve European critical infrastructure resilience to crises and disasters through the implementation of combinations of societal, organisational and technological resilience concepts to real-life examples of pan-European significance.

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