Research Group Members

Academic Staff

Andrew Cox Dr Andrew Cox
Head of Group
Tel: 0114 2226347
Room 222
I research communities of practice as a theoretical construct and the application of practice theory, as well as the evolution of the concepts of virtual community, Web2.0 and social media.
Jo Bates Dr Jo Bates
Tel: 0114 2222652
Room 236
I focus on the political economy of data, particularly datasets that are produced by public bodies and which are often referred to as Public Sector Information. I look at the socio-cultural and political economic factors shaping these developments including the ideas, practices and policies shaping the production and distribution of public datasets.
Foster Dr Christopher Foster
Tel: 0114 2222656
Room 209a
I research ICT and innovation, particularly exploring the uneven impacts of digital infrastructure and web platforms on society
Stephen Pinfield Professor Stephen Pinfield
Tel: 0114 2222649
Room 210
I research scholarly communication, digital information resources management, and information-related policies in organisations. I work at the intersection between technology deployment, organisational policy development, and cultural practices.
Paul Dr Paul Reilly
Tel: 0114 2222647
Room 235
My research focuses on three key areas of online political communication: (1) the use of social media by citizens to create and share acts of sousveillance (inverse surveillance); (2) the ways in which digital media can be used to crowdsource crisis information; and (3) the use of new media to reduce sectarian tensions and promote better community relations in divided societies such as Northern Ireland.
Vis Dr Farida Vis
Tel: 0114 2222654
Room 303
I conduct research on the theme of ‘Big Data and Social Change’ and my work is centrally concerned with researching social media, crisis communication, data journalism, citizen engagement and discourses around Big Data.

Research Staff

Elisa Dr Elisa Serafinelli
Tel: 0114 222 2666
Room 318
My research focuses on the analysis of the use of the Internet and the social behaviors that arise from it (photo sharing, social media marketing, privacy, surveillance, identity, memory, social relationships, and resilience).
Giuliana Dr Giuliana Tiripelli
Tel: 0114 222 2666
Room 318
My research involves media and audience analysis, with a focus on communication dynamics and their role in shaping conflict transformation, communication management, and communication strategies for social change.
Simon Dr Simon Wakeling
Tel: 0114 222 2666
Room 318
My current research investigates the impact of open-access mega-journals on the scholarly communications landscape, and how such journals and other innovative publishing models might evolve in the future.

PhD Researchers

woman Penny Andrews
I am researching the control of workflows and data flows in institutional repositories and academic social networks, with further interests in internet culture, the quantification of work and digital research methods.
woman Melanie Benson
Room 318
I am conducting an ethnographic study on information use of migrational individuals and public library space.
woman Alexandra Boutopoulou
Room 323
I am researching the use of social media images to better understand Food Safety Cultures.
woman Xiaoli Chen
I am researching the opportunity and principles for research digital libraries to engage the High Energy Physics community in Open Science practices
woman Sukaina Ehdeed
Room 318
I am researching the impact of social media on Information dissemination and the influence of social media on shaping Libyans' attitudes towards 17 Feb revolution and its aftermaths.
woman Piyapat Jarusawat
Room 318
I am researching a Lanna information management collaborative model.
man Nicolas Kylilis
Room 318
I am exploring the joining process of newcomers in offline and online photographic groups.
woman Emily Nunn
I am investigating the impact of open access to medical and educational research outside academia.
woman Itzelle Medina Perea
I am researching the life of patients' personal data in the health care sector.
man Jun Zhang
I am researching an integrated smart transportation system in China.