OrganiK: An organic knowledge management system for small European knowledge-intensive companies

A key project within the Information Knowledge and Innovation Management research group.


IKIM participants: Ana Vasconcelos and Dimitris Bibikas

Project partners: DFKI (Deutsche Forschungszentrum fur Kunstlische IntelliGenz), Institute for Communications and Computer Systems (Technical University of Athens), SEERC (South Eastern European Research Centre), Syria Informatica,CAS Software (Coord.), Language Technology Centre, LeserAuskunft GmbH, QMS Maritime Training Centre.

Funder: European Union FP7

The aim of the OrganiK project was to research and develop an innovative knowledge management framework and system that focused on the work practices of the participating small European knowledge-intensive companies.

This has involved the development of a framework for understanding process models (i.e., those focused on behaviour and practices) and structural models (i.e., those focused on the attributes of knowledge) in the management of knowledge sharing practices.

This framework has been applied in the design and evaluation of a knowledge management framework and system, integrating different elements of enterprise social software and semantic technologies.

The OrganiK system and framework integrated approaches to knowledge management focused on the codification of knowledge and those focused on socialisation, enabling an effective management of organisational knowledge.

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