Co-design, implementation and evaluation of an AI-supported digital health intervention to improve health outcomes associated with multi-morbid conditions in South Africa and Uganda

A key project in the Information Systems research group


This project has received funding from the National Institute for Health Research (Project no. NIHR201742) in order to proceed to the next stage of a two-stage funding process. 

The proposed project will adapt and enhance an existing digital health platform that addresses healthcare challenges in monitoring and supporting patients with HIV/AIDS who also develop comorbidities from both non-communicable and infectious diseases. 

The platform will be enhanced with suitable mobile health interventions, co-designed in close collaboration with patients, healthcare professionals and other relevant stakeholders to make it suitable for use in low-resource settings in South Africa and Uganda. 

The platform will be piloted in 2-3 settings across these countries and evaluated for feasibility, acceptability and ethical aspects.  In the final phase, the project will be scaled up and impact on patients’ quality of life will be assessed.

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