Research Group Members

Academic Staff

Sheila Webber Sheila Webber
Head of Group
Tel: 0114 22 22641
Room 212
I research information and information behaviour in contexts such as different disciplines, different educational levels, different countries and cultures, different lifestages, and in the context of both physical and virtual environments.
Briony Birdi Dr Briony Birdi
Tel: 0114 22 22653
Room 305
I research reading and the promotion of literature and reading, particularly of minority ethnic fiction, as well as public libraries, with an emphasis on social inclusion and diversity, and youth libraries and reading.
Pam McKinney Pam McKinney
Tel: 0114 22 22650
Room 219
I focus broadly on pedagogy for Information Literacy, and in particular the relationship between Inquiry-based Learning and Information Literacy. I am interested in how learners can be supported in their inquiries through the development of Information Literacy capabilities and how Information Literacy can be taught using Inquiry-based pedagogies.
Stephen Pinfield Professor Stephen Pinfield
Tel: 0114 22 22649
Room 210
I research scholarly communication, digital information resources management, and information-related policies in organisations. I work at the intersection between technology deployment, organisational policy development, and cultural practices.
Peter Stordy Dr Peter Stordy
Tel:0114 22 22668
Room 220
I conduct research on Internet, digital and information literacies, school and HE pedagogy, Appreciative Inquiry (AI), Inquiry-based Learning (IBL), primary education. learning styles and Personal Development Planning (PDP).

PhD Researchers

woman Penny CS Andrews I am researching gatekeepers, values and flows in research sharing infrastructures
woman Laura Barber I am researching the perceived efficacy of online, blended, and face-to-face teaching methods of Information Literacy within Higher Education institutions

Marc Bonne

I am researching the impact of educational computer games on mathematics anxiety in University students.
woman Xuanning Chen
I am researching Information Behaviours.
woman Victoria Edwards
I am researching quality control of bibliographic metadata for e-books in UK academic libraries.
man Dan Grace
I am exploring the effect of technology on the public libraries' capacity to promote community resilience.
woman Rosie Higman I am researching Open Access and the role of the National Library.
man Stefan P. Hodson I am investigating information literacy in the Civil Service workplace.

Catherine Hoodless

I am researching  the relationship between changing organisational structures and the transformation of academic libraries and the profession of librarianship.
Jo McKenna-Aspell Jo McKenna-Aspell
I am researching public perceptions of public libraries in England, in the context of outdated legislation and austerity from 2010 to 2021.
woman Molly Newcomb
I am researching the intellectual and social impacts of public libraries on the citizens of Yorkshire/Sheffield during times of conflict in the 20th century.

Emily Nunn

My research aims to investigate the potential impact of open access publishing outside of academia (focussing on the fields of medicine and education).
woman Khulud Sahhari
I am researching UK public libraries' stratefies of serving a multicultural society, using the Arab community as a case study.
woman Evanthia Tramantza
I am conducting a longitudinal comparative case study of Engineering students' Information Literacy perceptions and needs in the UK and in Greece.
man Jon Webster
My research is on the history, development and cultural impact of libraries in the North Riding of Yorkshire 1775-1914.