Professor Bob Usherwood

Professor Emeritus

BA (Open), PhD (Sheffield), Hon FLA, FCLIP, FRSA

Prof Bob Usherwood

I am the author of over 250 publications. These include major books that have been translated into Korean, Russian, and Portuguese. In my most recent book, Equity and Excellence in the Public Library: Why Ignorance is Not our Heritage (Ashgate, 2007) I discuss how library professionals can meet the demands of policy makers to open up the public library system without destroying its values, and advocate a service that is sensitive to difference and seeks to provide access to the best.

I currently edit Post-Lib a journal for retired librarians which includes a column called Next Gen librarians. This provides "Next Generation” librarians with the opportunity to question/ admonish/ praise/ inform those of us who are retired and may, in some way, be responsible for the present LIS world. A number of Sheffield students have already contributed. Please contact me if you would like to join them.