Careers in Information

The Information School is committed to developing our students' skills to promote success in their future careers.


The Information School at the University of Sheffield is the leading school of our kind in the UK. Our courses prepare you for a wide range of careers and the skills which you gain will equip you to work in the fast paced and evolving field of information and library management.

We are committed to the success of our students. Our close links with the Careers Service help to improve our students’ employability and we offer support and guidance to our students on the next steps after their course. Visits from employers also give our students insight into industry and career options.

Watch: PhD and MA graduate Emily Nunn talks about how her qualifications from the School helped her in her career.

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Developing skills for your career

Studying at the Information School means that you will develop a strong skillset which will be valued by employers around the world.

These are some of the skills that you will gain from your studies, and examples of how you have applied them during your studies.

Evidence of your use of these skills will help make you stand out to prospective employers.


  • You have demonstrated oral communication skills through group work and presentations and written communication skills through written essays, reports, posters and website content.
  • You have also learned about effective professional social media and online communication.

Problem solving and creativity

  • You have demonstrated creative approaches to challenging problems in completing open-ended coursework on web design, database design, group work, individual research projects.


  • You have shown a flexible approach to learning by completing varied forms of assessments, for example briefing papers, essays, business reports, reflective assignments and client specifications.

Working and learning independently

  • You have worked independently, particularly when designing and carrying out your dissertation research, and organised your own time when completing individual assessments.

Teamwork and interpersonal skills

  • You have demonstrated working effectively with others by negotiating plans and resources in group work and overcoming problems in groups.

Time management

  • You have shown that you can manage resources and competing deadlines by completing your assessments within deadlines.

Learning and reflection

  • Your ability to reflect on learning and how to improve your performance has been demonstrated through reflective elements of modules and assessments.

Research skills

  • Your research skills can be demonstrated by your data collection, analysis and production of recommendations during assessments.

Information literacy

  • You can demonstrate that you have developed information literacy through your ability to filter through volumes of information to find, evaluate and present information from varied sources during assessments.

IT and digital literacy

  • You have demonstrated IT and digital literacy through using multiple applications during modules and assessments, including Microsoft Office, websites, search engines, videos, flash presentations, databases, content management systems.

Information management

  • Your knowledge of information management is demonstrated by your understanding of the importance of information policies and governance, demonstrated through skills in finding, organising, storing and presenting information.

Planning your career

Support within the Information School

The Information School has a Careers Officer for each course to provide advice and guidance to students in the Information School students about jobs and careers in the information management and library sectors.

University Careers service

In addition, as a student at the University of Sheffield, you have access to our excellent Careers Service which is on hand when you start to plan your future. 

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