There was such a focus on how to put what we learned into practice and that was so useful when applying for my first paid library positions

Jessica Allen
Jessica Allen
Postgraduate student
MA Librarianship
Jessica found her ideal course in the MA Librarianship, and the city of Sheffield also served her hobby as a hiker.
Jessica Allen

Studying things I had never had the chance to study before

I wanted to study here because it is named the best Information School course in the world. I knew I would be taught by leading experts in the field and it would be a course that would challenge me and encourage me to grow in new ways. The staff also seemed really friendly when I attended the virtual open day and as an alumni of this university anyway, it felt like a very inclusive and friendly environment. For me, it felt like the right fit.

The sheer scope of topics that are on the MA Librarianship course made me want to study here. In comparison with other courses across the country, I felt this one catered to my interests the most, whilst also allowing me to study things I had never had the chance to study before. As having a degree is required for a lot of Librarian roles, I wanted to have a course that had the most breadth and depth, because I wanted to fully understand each library sector before applying for jobs. The modules at Sheffield looked the most comprehensive, yet detailed, so fulfilled that need.

Furthermore, at the open day, it was made really clear that the course caters to those who do not have a strong library background and they appreciate that the course content would be completely new for a lot of us. The friendly and inclusive environment, coupled with the scope of modules made me choose this course.

High practical value

I have genuinely had so much fun on this course. I have met some amazing people, the course content was fantastic and I managed to get involved in so many things. I think that one of the most enjoyable aspects (and I cannot believe I am going to say this), has been the variety of assessments that we have had. Despite them being stressful, no two assessments were the same and a lot of the assessments have such a high practical value for when I am a practitioner.

Additionally, I also liked the focus on employability throughout the course. There was such a focus on how to put what we learned into practice and that was so undoubtedly useful when applying for my first paid library positions. Finally, I have also loved working with such wonderful lecturers and staff on my course. They have genuinely been the most supportive people and have made this course super interesting and made a real effort to get to know you and help you in whatever way they can.

Relevant skills for the future

I think my favourite all-time module was Public and School Libraries. Throughout my first semester, I was interested in many sectors, but when taking this, it just confirmed for me that Public Libraries are where I am meant to be. The lecturers were amazing and so knowledgeable, and we had guest speakers to add depth to our learning and gave us the chance to ask questions about their work. The assessment for this was also really fun!

I also really enjoyed Information Organisation, because we got to learn about concepts of information using Lego. I also enjoyed Management for Library and Information Services, because of its practicality to my future practitioner roles.

Finally, I have to say that the Dissertation, whilst stressful and a lot of work, has been another favourite. This has really allowed me to study a topic I love in so much depth. As someone who is interested in PhD study, this has also given me the relevant skills to go along with that in the future.

Super supportive and genuinely lovely

The social events were lovely, safe spaces and I really enjoyed the employability events as well. It was a good chance to meet new people and learn new things. The research seminars were also a great way to be at the cutting edge of the field and offered a great opportunity to talk about research.

Every single member academic and admin staff that I have worked with over the course of this year has been absolutely fantastic, super supportive and genuinely lovely. I don't think I could have been more supported on this course and it really helped make this year what it was! Also, we did get a shiny new building after Easter which was great - it has such a nice variety of work spaces which help me focus.

I used the Student Advice Centre before coming to University for my Masters to help with my student finance application as I had to apply under extenuating circumstances. I genuinely do not know what I would have done without them. Their service was outstanding.

As a Student Ambassador, I think I most enjoyed talking to prospective students, and doing work that allows me to talk about something I am so passionate about. I have genuinely loved this course with my entire being and so I think it has been nice to talk about that to other people and share that enthusiasm with them.

My advice to prospective students would be to get involved! There is so much to get involved with in the Information School which can really help enhance your CV and your skills in general. Also, whilst the course can be overwhelming at times, try and enjoy it as much as you can!

A friendly city

Living by the Peak District and having access to so much green space is definitely one of the things that I love most about being in Sheffield. As a hiker, this meant that the course catered to my academic interests, and the city catered to my hobbies. Sheffield is such a friendly city and I have met some of the most amazing people here which also compels me to stay!

Meeting such wonderful people, coupled with studying a course which I have been so intensely passionate about, have been the highlights of my time here. I have met friends for life through this university and living in Sheffield and it has been such an incredible journey.

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