I chose to study Librarianship because it's the best course in the world

Martha Grogan
Martha Grogan
Postgraduate student
MA Librarianship
Martha was nervous about applying to Sheffield, but ended up loving her time here, learning things she didn't expect, and making friends for life.
Martha Grogan

The best course in the world

I chose to study Librarianship because it's the best course in the world. I was so nervous applying, but not only did I get in but I also got a scholarship, so I'm very happy to have ended up here, at a presigious Russell Group university.

I have enjoyed two modules the most:

Information Organisation: I wasn't expecting so much theory in what felt like quite an almost vocational course - and I really loved it. From organising your Lego bricks to supermarket aisles, it made me appreciate the literal science of information a lot more. Not to sound too grandiose, but this module definitely changed how I think about the world.

Public and School Library Services: this module went how I imagined it, in a good way. It confirmed and evidenced the reason why I want to be a librarian - particularly social justice, literacy equity and all that jazz. I enjoyed listening to guest speakers talk about their experiences in the sectors, from prison librarians, county-wide hub managers and secondary school teachers.

I really love living in a city that's not London. London has always been too much for me, but I've only ever lived in tiny villages or towns - Sheffield has so much to do, so much to see, and while very much a city, is a stone's throw away from the Peak District.

Informative and reassuring

I've really enjoyed meeting people with similar interests or different perspectives to me, whether that's students on my course, or other courses, or even staff. All the staff are really knowledgeable and their respective subjects, very passionate and clearly want to be here.

I worked as a Student Ambassador during my studies, and I liked the time balance between this and my coursework and lectures. Neither felt too overwhelming.

I attended quite a few coffee mornings, including the ones specifically directed for LGBTQ+ students. They were really lovely to just chat to other students you might not usually talk to, and there was no pressure to have to be talking about work. I also loved the employability events - talking to alumni and seeing the variety of sectors and jobs they went into was not only informative but very reassuring.

A passion in common

My time at the Information School was amazing. It was the reason why I came to Sheffield and why I still live here. I even convinced a friend of mine from my Undergraduate degree to do their Masters here.

My advice to someone considering studying at the Information School would be to apply for everything; whether that's scholarships, societies, anything - just have a go. What's the worst that can happen? The time will go by so fast, so enjoy it and work hard. This is especially true of the dissertation, so keep up with ideas and meetings.

By far the highlight of my time at University has been the people I've met and the friends I've made. We all have this passion in common, and I think I'll be talking to them forever, whether as friends or as professionals or both.

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