It was incredibly helpful to hear firsthand, and candidly, from people working in roles I'd like to see myself in someday

Yuki Graviet
Yuki Graviet
Postgraduate student
MA Librarianship
American student Yuki always wanted to live in the UK, and in Sheffield she found a welcoming, international community and first-hand employability insights.
Yuki Graviet

An active, welcoming community

I chose to pursue a Masters in Librarianship for career mobility purposes. I was drawn to the Librarianship course at Sheffield as it was the only school in the UK that offered a Business Intelligence course. I've always wanted to live in the UK, and it was also appealing because I could complete my Masters in half the time it would take me in the US.

I love almost everything about living in Sheffield. It is so central to the rest of the UK, has easy access to the Peak District, and has really friendly people. I find that Sheffield is busy enough to have plenty on offer whenever I want to go out, but not so busy that I get overwhelmed. Even though it's technically a city, it really feels more like a village in some ways because the vibe is very community-oriented. I love being part of an active, welcoming, nature-oriented community.

I've really enjoyed meeting a variety of people from around the world and seeing the commitment we hold in common to our field. I've also enjoyed spontaneous career advice from lecturers, work experience through student volunteering opportunities, and opportunities to attend professional conferences.

Hearing from a variety of professionals

I most enjoyed the module Workplace & Academic Libraries because it was incredibly helpful to hear firsthand, and candidly, from people working in roles I'd like to see myself in someday. I also really enjoyed the Information Governance class, learning in depth about the GDPR and its real world application.

I really enjoyed the solutions-focused coaching session; it helped me feel more grounded and empowered to complete my dissertation! I also enjoyed the librarianship employability event - it's always very helpful to hear directly from a variety of professionals working in the sector.

As a Student Ambassador, I really enjoyed getting to answer questions from prospective students, knowing that it was helping to ease their nerves and bring them peace of mind. I think it's easier to come to a school or environment you already feel comfortable with, and establishing friendly contact with prospective students allowed me to hopefully help them feel a bit more at home even before arriving!

So many options for getting involved

I have absolutely loved all of the support that the university has in place for its students. The SU and various departments offer a great array of resources that can be really helpful in managing not just studies but also university life. It does take a bit of effort to get integrated into university life and the social scene, but I felt like there were so many options for getting involved and that was very helpful.

Academic mentorship through the Disability & Dyslexia Support Service was incredibly helpful, and I'll always tell people it's made the biggest difference in my experience at the University of Sheffield. I am incredibly grateful that this service was available to me. I also made use of the International Student Support, Advice & Compliance team as an international student, the Belief, No Belief and Religious Centre, Student Wellness Support, and the University Health Service.

Create a little community for yourself

I think the Information School has a really wonderful vibe. Most people involved with the Information School are nerdy in the very best way--curious about the world, passionate about information accuracy and access, and pragmatic in approach.

If I was to give advice to someone considering studying here, I would recommend looking at the advance reading list for your course ahead of the first semester. It's nothing to stress over, but just getting started with any reading material will help your brain develop some context for the new material before you even start your classes! As much as possible, connect with your lecturers and other iSchool professionals once you start your programme. Staying connected will help keep you motivated for your studies and also can result in helpful advice or insight during informal conversations.

Additionally, get involved socially! Even if you're shy by nature, making an effort to connect with coursemates outside of class will help so much when you have questions about assignments, need a friend to explore the city with, or want a study buddy. Make it one of your missions to reach out to somebody (or a few somebodies) and create a little community for yourself within the programme; social support makes a world of difference.

I learned a lot about myself during my time at the Information School, and a good amount about the librarianship sector in the UK. I will always look back fondly on my time at the Information School. It was really special to be part of a school that is friendly, nurturing, and welcoming.

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