Image of water feature on Sheaf Square in Sheffield

Jewish Studies Research Network

This is the home of a cross-departmental and cross-university collaboration in the field of Jewish Studies that aims to organize yearly scholarly and community-based events, explore collective funding options, and establish contacts with other institutions both nationally and internationally.

About our research network

The Jewish Studies theme serves as an umbrella for the diverse and interdisciplinary research and teaching taking place within the university pertaining to the widely defined field of Jewish Studies. The University of Sheffield has a long-standing tradition of offering modules related to the study of the Holocaust and modern Jewish history. Another strong expertise pertains to the teaching and research of biblical texts and the history of the Hebrew bible. Finally, several knowledge exchange endeavours have over the past years contributed to wider societal engagement with Jewish history and memory in the UK and beyond.

To strengthen, consolidate, and further develop all these efforts, several colleagues have come together to establish a cross-departmental and cross-university collaboration that aims to celebrate Jewish Studies scholarship and establish a vibrant and lasting connection with local communities.

Our academic talks series will launch soon and we will have details of those events on our webpage shortly.

To get in touch please email:

Image of water feature on Sheaf Square in Sheffield
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