International Journalism Week 2022

International Journalism Week 2022

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Monday 7 November - Thursday 10 November
Attendance is free. Staff and students from the University of Sheffield are welcome to attend.


International Journalism Week (IJW) 2022, organised by the School of Journalism, Media and Communication at the University of Sheffield, takes place from 7 to 10 November 2022. The theme for this year’s IJW is Journalism in Times of Conflict and Tension.

Several conferences and literature have examined the impact of journalism on society, but very little attention is given to the impact of news coverage on journalists. It is important to note that though stories about conflicts such as wars, violent attacks, bloodshed, and disasters make headline news and attract high viewership/readership, they sometimes have traumatic impact on the journalists and related professionals involved. The war in Ukraine is one of many such conflicts. Reports from the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) states that at least 12 journalists have been killed in the Russia-Ukraine war and they are investigating whether the death of three other journalists relate to their job. A number of media practitioners have been forced into exile from their countries and loved ones because of their role in the coverage of conflicts. In some cases, corrupt politicians have threatened journalists who exposed their dubious practices. There have also been instances of attempted as well as actual assassination of journalists. Such happenings can stifle journalism and traumatise those affected: in some cases, journalists have taken their own lives due to inability to cope with the impact of journalism in times of conflict and tension. Such incidents have led analysts to describe journalism as a dangerous profession.

So, what must be done to ensure journalists are safe and not traumatised while or after discharging their duties in times of conflict? Answers to this question will be provided by experts in this year’s International Journalism Week. Whilst the over-arching theme of IJW2022 is “Journalism in times of conflict and tension”, the subtheme, “Trauma informed journalism and the risk of moral injury” will provide room for in-depth treatment of the issue. 

The four-day programme of events will empower would-be journalists with the tools they need to stay safe during and after discharging their duties. Participants will hear from experienced journalists and related experts on trauma-informed journalism: they will also hear first-hand from reporters who have covered diverse conflicts and wars, including the war in Ukraine. One of the panel discussions will also focus on conflicts that occur and have previously occurred during elections in Africa. Speakers will include practising journalists, mental health experts, academics, and campaigners for the protection of journalists. 


Bina Ogbebor

Ilya Yablokov

If you have any questions about the event, please contact Bina or Ilya.

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