Our building

Our newsrooms, broadcast studios, recording booths, staff offices and student reception can all be found at the department's home in The Wave.

The wave, a large, curved glass building, standing tall in the sunshine.

We are very excited to welcome you to The Wave: home to the Faculty of Social Sciences, and the University of Sheffield's most sustainable building to date. 

a large modern lecture theatre full of hundreds of people.

From a school perspective, The Wave is an amazing building to study in. With industry-standard equipment including five newsrooms, TV and radio studios and editing galleries, as well as editing suites and four bookable radio booths for independent or small group work, this building allows journalism students to immerse themselves in the latest kit and produce the best possible stories - as soon as you start the course.

"The new facilities in the Wave have been brilliant, and a big step up from our broadcast studios in 9 Mappin Street. The staff in our new media story also do an amazing job of helping students and offering professional support. 

"Thanks to the industry-standard facilities and guidance from tech staff, it's been a huge confidence boost in my ability to produce high-quality radio and TV packages. I've really been able to find my feet as a TV reporter and feel more confident to embark on a career in Broadcast Journalism."

Na Ao

BA Journalism Studies graduate (class of 2023) and MA Broadcast Journalism student 

Our space on the first floor is also home to the journalism media store, which is staffed by our creative media team five days a week. There's no need to bring your own kit: here, you can access top-of-the-range cameras, microphones and other recording equipment, as well as regular workshops delivering the skills you need to use them. 

The location is also perfect for budding journos. Based in the heart of busy Broomhill - a large residential and shopping area just outside of Sheffield city centre - The Wave is an ideal gateway to both Sheffield city centre and the wider area. Excellent public transport links and close proximity to student accommodation render it all the easier for you to head out into the field to find stories and interview members of the public!

A woman points at a computer screen showing a video editor, as two boys look on.

"The new journalism equipment at the Wave is truly spectacular. I frequently use the newsrooms for timetabled workshops which aid discussions and collaborative work, as well as other group projects when the facilities are free. The multiple screens in the newsrooms mean we can work as small groups on a piece of work and project it onto a screen near our desks. I've used the recording booths and radio booths a number of times for freelance projects, which provide audio to a very high quality.

The fact these facilities are to an industry-standard shows further example of why the School of Journalism has the students best interest at heart, as the equipment we use here is directly the same as other big leading media outlets. Combined with the industry professionals as tutors, the opportunities we get from the course and the course content,this is just another reason Sheffield journalism is the best of the best!" 

Sebastian Jones

BA Journalism Studies student

A man and a woman sitting in a radio studio, both wearing headphones. The woman is reading from a script and speaking into the microphone.

Our research staff and PGT students will also benefit from the interdisciplinary space, which is shared with other departments from across the social sciences. This will enhance collaborative learning and bring together the Faculty's interdisciplinary social research centres. 

The ground floor atrium offers communal social space and our fabulous Wave Cafe, perfect to meet up with coursemates or unwind at the end of the day.

Where is The Wave?

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