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James Whitworth
Department of Journalism Studies
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James is an award-winning, nationally syndicated newspaper cartoonist whose work has also appeared in books and a wide variety of magazines both in the UK and abroad, including titles such as Private Eye, Prospect, Hi-Fi News, the Dalesman, and the Author.

He worked as a reporter and feature writer for many publications including the weekly Sheffield Telegraph and daily Sheffield Star, the Independent, and numerous online clients such as Adobe before making the move into visual satire.

James has published academic work on subjects ranging from British newspapers' coverage of the second world war and 1945 general election to the Profumo affair and the Daily Mirror's use of satiric cartoons. A regular guest on BBC radio, he has appeared on TV and is the author of the DCI Miller series of crime novels.

James holds a masters degree in English Literature and Language and BA (Honours) in English from Sheffield Hallam University. He is currently finishing a PhD on cartoons in the British popular press. A distinguished journalist himself, he brings an insightful and often humorous perspective to considerations of British journalism history.

Research interests

PhD title: Class, Politics and Editorial Identity: the history and role of pocket cartoons in the Daily Express and Daily Mirror 1939-1979

James' PhD research aims to explore the role of pocket cartoons in newspapers through case studies of major stories such as the Suez crisis and the Profumo affair.

Supervisor: Professor Martin Conboy


Journal articles

  • Zhao X & Brown S (2017) Understanding Chinese Students' Learning Needs: Tips for supporting Chinese students in the UK. Educational Developments, 18(September 2017). RIS download Bibtex download
  • Whitworth J () Visual Humour and the Pocket Cartoon: Osbert Lancaster and a Paradigm Shift in the British Press in the Interwar Years. Journal of European Periodical Studies. RIS download Bibtex download

Book reviews

  • Whitworth J (2018) Journalism after Snowden. Information, Communication & Society, 21(12), 1834-1835. RIS download Bibtex download
  • Whitworth J () Black, Jeremy (2020) "The English Press: A History' Review. Histoire Sociale / Social History. RIS download Bibtex download

Website content

  • Whitworth J John Leech: the cartoonist who gave us Christmas. RIS download Bibtex download
Teaching activities

James co-convened and is co-module leader for JNL6036 Journalism in Britain. He is also currently contributing to the following modules:

  • JNL116 Analysing News
  • JNL120 Essential Journalism
  • JNL232 Journalism: Critical Discourse Approaches
  • JNL305 Dissertation in Journalism
  • JNL315 Free Speech and Censorship
  • JNL6014 Ethics and Regulation
  • JNL6015 Power and Society