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Journalism, communication and democracy

  • journalism and free speech protection
  • risk to and violation of journalistic freedoms in diverse settings
  • different media regulatory regimes and legal frameworks
  • the civil power of the factual media
  • media pluralism and the role of public service communication in Europe
  • political communication campaigns and elections
  • data protection and the 'right to be forgotten'
  • ethics and regulation of journalism
  • news values
  • the role of alternative media/journalism

Centre for Freedom of the Media

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Journalism and communication history

  • the history of tabloid genres and popular culture
  • media and gender representations and constructions in history
  • the history of journalism in Britain and Ireland
  • the history of European Union/Community communication
  • historical debates concerning the extent of democratic rights and their praxis
  • the British radical tradition and freedom of speech

Centre for the Study of Journalism and History

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Conflict and crisis communication

  • international politics and communication
  • media coverage of war and conflict and humanitarian crisis communication
  • the role of factual media in post-conflict reconstruction
  • news media and foreign policy formulation
  • propaganda and strategic communication
  • the role of identity and narratives in international politics
  • political imagining, memory and emotion
  • the protection of journalists

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The digital media and communication environment

  • digital propaganda, influence and persuasion strategies
  • the role of digital technologies in humanitarian crises
  • EU regulation of cross-frontier audiovisual media services
  • data protection and the 'right to be forgotten'
  • media convergence
  • digital communicative landscapes, processes and dynamics
  • theoretical and conceptual work on the new media environments and contemporary power dynamics

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Language – Communication – Journalism

  • discursive constructions of power relations, politics in the popular press, outsiders and the nation from historical and contemporary perspectives
  • communication and verbal behaviour
  • diverse styles and presentational contexts of journalism
  • stylistic aspects of journalism such as metaphor to quantifiable characteristics of written narrative

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European and comparative media and information law – policy – communication

  • the role of public communication in European integration
  • representations of a civil Europe
  • the role of media and information law and policy at national and European level, and how they can exacerbate or redress existing inequalities and imbalances
  • the regulation of information markets, internet regulation, media law
  • privacy and data protection
  • European integration and the European public sphere

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