About the Disinformation Research Cluster

Disinformation is all around us in the modern world: It helps to justify wars and atrocities, impacts on the decisions that people make and affects daily operations of media organisations.

A person sat on a chair holding a flaming newspaper.

The Disinformation Research Hub in the Department of Journalism Studies is called to tackle the issues that arise from the global disinformation disorder. We share interests in studying the causes and consequences of disinformation, particularly, in the digital space.

Current members of the hub are studying:

  • State-driven and sponsored disinformation
  • Conspiracy theories
  • Regulatory frameworks to prevent spreading disinformation
  • Alternative spaces where disinformation flourish
  • Global circulation of disinformation and propaganda
  • Solutions and approaches to address the phenomenon

Beyond academic work, we invest a lot of energy in engaging with the media and multiple and diverse stakeholders who seek to tackle disinformation in the UK, in Europe and around the world.


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