Research grants

Our department has been awarded a number of grants to further the cutting-edge research we do in the field of journalism, media and communications.

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  • Identity, ontological security, and conflict ECR workshops in Turkey. British Academy international writing workshops grant WW22\100241. £30,000. (2023-25). PI: Dr Dmitry Chernobrov.

  • Strategic use of humour in public diplomacy: A comparative study of audience reception. British Academy small research grant, £10,000. (2021-2022). PI: Dr. Dmitry Chernobrov.
  • Using radio to address misinformation about COVID-19 amongst Internally Displaced Persons in Burkina Faso. Elrha (2020-2021). PI: Dr Emma Heywood.
  • Pilot project on developing and trialling a toolkit for strengthening national context monitoring of violations against journalists in line with SDG 16.10.1. Free Press Unlimited, £28,000. 8 months (2020). PI: Professor Jackie Harrison. 
  • Developing a database for the improved collection and systematisation of information on incidents of violations against journalists. Free Press Unlimited, £30,000. 8 months (2019-20). PI: Professor Jackie Harrison.
  • Radio and Women's Empowerment in the Sahel. ESRC GCRF (2019-2021). PI: Dr Emma Heywood
  • Improbable Dialogues: Participatory Research as a Strategy for Reconciliation. UKRI, £350,000 (2018-2021). CI: Professor Jackie Harrison.
  • Examining the impact of IPSO on editorial standards and complaints handling. Independent Press Standards Organisation, £21,154. 5 months (2017-18). CI: Professor Jackie Harrison.
  •  Building and evaluating journalism safety databases, Press Freedom Unlimited, £29,921. 6 months (2018). PI: Professor Jackie Harrison.
  • A comparison of editorial standards and complaints handling before and after IPSO, £23,798 (2017). PI: Dr Irini Katisrea 
  • Building an African media network with the African Media Initiative. A workshop to build a partnership between AMI, Fondation Hirondelle and CFOM to develop a GCRF bid. HEFCE GCRF fund. £9,400. 6 months (2017-18). PI: Professor Jackie Harrison. 
  • Strengthening freedom of the media:  evaluating the values, practices and attitudes of news editors with regard to journalism safety and impunity in Mexico, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Turkey, India and the Democratic Republic of Congo. International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC, UNESCO). $20,000 (US). 12 months (2016-17). PI: Professor Jackie Harrison. 

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