Conflict and crisis communication

Soldiers in military tanks in the city of Baghdad.

This research theme comprises work in the following areas:

  • International politics and communication
  • Media coverage of war and conflict and humanitarian crisis communication
  • The role of factual media in post-conflict reconstruction
  • News media and foreign policy formulation
  • Propaganda and strategic communication
  • The role of identity and narratives in international politics
  • Political imagining, memory and emotion
  • The protection of journalists

Current and recent work


Led by Dr Emma Heywood, the FemmepowermentAfrique project is supporting women's empowerment through radio in some of the world's poorest nations. 

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Key researchers

PhD students

Current and recent PhD students working in this area include:

  • Divya Jha
  • Ben Lindsley
  • Jake Mason
  • Michael Quinn
  • Sara Torsner

Flagship institutes

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