Dmitry ChernobrovDr Dmitry Chernobrov

Lecturer in Journalism, Politics and Public Communication

Tel: (+44)(0)114 222 2542

Room 210
Office hours: Monday 2-4pm, and by appointment

BA (MGIMO, Russia); MPhil (Cambridge); PhD (MGIMO); PhD (St Andrews)

Dmitry joined the department as lecturer in 2015 after gaining a PhD in international relations at the University of St Andrews. His doctoral research put forward a psychosocial theory of public perception of international crises. In his work Dmitry shows how instead of describing the event, public interpretation of international crises is largely shaped by self-conceptions, inner insecurities, and memories within collective identity contexts. The project involved interview and media material, and focused on the public understanding of the 'Arab Spring' in Russia and the UK.

Dmitry also holds another PhD, in history, from Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO). That work examined western attempts at image management in Iraq and Afghanistan during and after the recent wars. In 2010-11 Dmitry spent a year at the University of Denver on a Fulbright award studying and researching international security, media, and conflict. Before that, during his masters at the University of Cambridge he did research on the use of stereotypes in the media coverage of the Russo-Georgian crisis of 2008.


Research interests

Dmitry's research focuses on the public perception and media coverage of international politics. In particular, Dmitry is interested in how self-concepts and self-stories are invisibly but centrally present in societal perceptions, judgments, and portrayals of international 'others', particularly in crisis situations.

More broadly, his research offers an interdisciplinary integration of international relations, political psychology, journalism and media studies, and sociology. Dmitry does research on identity and perception; uncertainty and ontological (in)security; early reportage and the formation of political memories; emotion and narrative; political photography; psychoanalysis and politics; metaphor and stereotype in media coverage; and media images of political events and countries.



Dmitry's teaching situates journalism and media into the wider political and societal contexts. He encourages students to be critical and reflexive about the roots of perception and representation of global issues, the way media narratives are heard by the public, and the way societies and media make sense of uncertain and unexpected political situations. Dmitry has previously taught theories and issues of international politics, and research methods. He teaches using interactive formats such as debates, role-plays, modelling, film discussions, and practical engagement with societal and political bodies.

Dmitry is the module leader for:

He also contributes to:

  • JNL115 Introduction to Global Journalism
  • JNL323 Introduction to Research Methods


Recent publications

Chernobrov, D. (2016) Ontological security and public (mis)recognition of international crises: uncertainty, political imagining, and the self. Political Psychology. doi: 10.1111/pops.12334

Chernobrov, D. (2014) The Spring of Western narcissism: A psychoanalytic approach to western reactions to the 'Arab Spring'. Psychoanalysis, Culture & Society, 19(1): 72-88.

Chernobrov, D. (2013) Identity in Contemporary International Conflict: the Role of the 'Other' in Conflict Typology. Vestnik MGIMO, 3(30): 86-92.

Chernobrov, D. (2012) Evolution of the Other in Modern Conflict. Vestnik MGIMO, 6(27): 47-54.

Chernobrov, D. (2011) Image Management in Cross-Identity Conflicts. Vestnik MGIMO, 5(20): 21-27.