How we compare

A look at the UK's league tables for undergraduate degrees in journalism

Undergraduate student learning camera skills

How does Sheffield compare with other universities in the UK for journalism studies? We looked at the three major independent league tables – the Guardian, Times, and Complete University Guide – to find out.

Of those three, the Guardian university league table is the only one to feature journalism (alongside publishing and public relations) as a subject area.

The Guardian university league table 2018 rates Sheffield as number 1 in the UK for journalism, with an overall score of 100/100.

View the Guardian league table

Our ratings for particular criteria in the Guardian guide include:

  • 94.9/100 for students' satisfaction with the course
  • 94.2/100 for students' satisfaction with teaching
  • 86/100 for career prospects after six months.


Complete and Times guides

Rather than journalism, the Complete and Times guides rate us under the subject area of communication and media studies. This is not an exact fit – but we still feature in the top 5 of both.

The Complete University Guide 2018 rates Sheffield number 4 in the UK, while the Times Good University Guide 2017 rates Sheffield number 3 in the UK, both for communication and media studies.

Sheffield is the only university to feature in the top 5 of all three league tables for journalism and media studies.


But remember...

There's far more to choosing a university than looking at rankings. Visit the places you're interested in. Talk to students. Look around. Get a feel for the university and the city.

We don't want you to choose Sheffield because of league tables alone. So come and meet us at an open day. Get to know us on Twitter and Facebook. If you study with us, we want you to feel confident and happy that you're coming to the university that's right for you.