I had the opportunity to learn about political Communication in a diverse context

Portrait of Yimeiwen Chen
Yimeiwen Chen
MA International Public and Political Communication
Yimeiwen Chen is a student at the University of Sheffield, studying MA International Public and Political Communication.
Portrait of Yimeiwen Chen

My name is Yimeiwen Chen, one of students on MA IPPC 2022-2023. As an international student in International Public and Political Communication, I can gain knowledge about broadening politics
with Communication. I enjoy the unlimited course content in politics. In semester 1, in the course "Communicating in Peacebuilding", Henry invited diverse field professors to introduce
their work on peacebuilding, which made me broaden my thinking in the class. In semester 2, which I am studying, I found "Big brother: Communicating Conspiracy theories" to be an
exciting course that I seldom systematically studied before. So I am looking for more knowledge in the course.

I studied at Northwest University in China before, and my double undergraduate degrees are in Broadcasting studies as well as Communication studies. When I learned in my
undergraduate courses, there was a course related to international Communication, which taught me something about international Communication that is different from China, and I
got interested in it. So after that, I tried to find a major not only related to Communication but also to international perspectives. Finally, it led me to find IPPC.

I think IPPC gives me more possibilities in study and work. At the same time, I find there are more blank and interesting studies in the field. So, if I don't get a chance to apply for a PhD
programme in this field, I would like to look for a publicity-related job to practice. It sounds like I will be able to use what I have studied previously in my career.
I am happy to tell others what I am learning in IPPC. Because these courses inspire you to think about many things in your life, such as "what previous news event does a certain point
of knowledge, remind you of" and "how do politicians promote or protect their public image".

I had the opportunity to learn about political Communication in a diverse context, which was very interesting and something I hadn't thought about before the course. In addition, I have
met friends from many countries here, and we can discuss political anecdotes from different countries.

Overall, I am very happy to be studying IPPC at the University of Sheffield.

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