I had the opportunity to learn about political Communication in a diverse context

Portrait of Yimeiwen Chen
Yimeiwen Chen
Current student
MA International Public and Political Communication
Yimeiwen Chen is a student at the University of Sheffield, studying MA International Public and Political Communication.
Portrait of Yimeiwen Chen

My name is Yimeiwen Chen, one of the students studying MA IPPC 2022-2023. As an international student on the International Public and Political Communication course, I can gain knowledge about broadening politics with Communication. I enjoy the varied course content in politics. In semester 1, in the course "Communicating in Peacebuilding", a range of field professors were invited to introduce
their work on peacebuilding, which made me broaden my thinking in the class. In semester 2, which I am currently in, I found "Big brother: Communicating Conspiracy theories" to be an
exciting course that I seldom systematically studied before. I am looking forward to learning more from this module.

I studied at Northwest University in China before coming to Sheffield, and my two undergraduate degrees are in Broadcasting studies as well as Communication studies. When I studied for my undergraduate courses, there was a course related to international communication, which taught me something about international communication, and I became interested in it. After that, I tried to find a major not only related to communication but also to international perspectives. Finally, it led me to find IPPC.

I think IPPC gives me many possibilities in study and work. I find there are plenty of interesting areas of study in the field. If I don't get a chance to apply for a PhD programme in this area, I would like to look for a publicity-related job. These courses inspire you to think about many things in your life, such as "what previous news event does a certain point of knowledge, remind you of" and "how do politicians promote or protect their public image".

I had the opportunity to learn about political Communication in a diverse context, which was very interesting and something I hadn't thought about before the course. In addition, I have
met friends from many countries here, and we can discuss political anecdotes from different countries.

Overall, I am very happy to be studying IPPC at the University of Sheffield.

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