Equality matters

Landscape Architecture must do better on its action for social and spatial inclusion. Education and research - including these projects, practice guides and websites from our department staff and students - play a vital role in embedding these values into professional practice.


Innovative proposals

Design work by Ash Davis

Healthy urban landscapes for older people, Leeds

Design work by Pencheng Zhou
Beautiful Village Policy, China
Design work by Emily Hull
Encountering the Commons, Beirut
Design work by Madeline Leong
Milton Community Project
Design work by Sarah Craft
A Common Ground, Manchester

 Critical thinking

post-disaster play Japan

Post-disaster play, Japan

Urban greenspace and health inequality
Urban greenspace and health inequality
Informing urban design practice through ethnographic understanding
Informing urban design practice through ethnographic understanding
A design charette participant
Ethnic diversity in professional landscape practice

Vital practice

Alison Romaine and Emma Beaumont with their lighting sculpture
Alison (L) carried out research exploring perceptions of safety at night, whilst Emma (R) helped to secure funding

Raising awareness of women's safety

A map of greenspace in Sheffield
Improving Wellbeing through Urban Nature
Houses in Amman, Jordan
Inclusion in Amman
Co-housing diagram
Resident participation in co-housing
Refugees welcome in parks resource book
Refugees welcome in parks

Global Challenges

Mountains in Medellín, Colombia

Rehabilitate the mountain, Colombia

Design work by Alex Slubowska
How to save a dying town, Poland
An image of Beirut harbour after the explosions
Rebuilding Beirut's port