Employer stories

Landscape practices come in all shapes and sizes. Some deliver multiple services, while others focus on design or specialise in ecological planting. We asked employers at our graduation exhibition what makes their practice unique, as well as how studying at Sheffield has helped shape their careers.


Ashleigh Davis, LDA Design

Ashleigh graduated from MLA Landscape Architecture in 2020 before securing her job as Project Consultant at LDA Design in Manchester.

“Studying at Sheffield has defined my career essentially. Without Sheffield, I don’t think I’d be doing what I do now.”

Ross Wilkie, Brindley Associates

Ross is Managing Director and owner of Brindley Associates, based in Edinburgh. He tells us why Sheffield is his preferred University from which to recruit graduates.

“My time at Sheffield has made my career. My background is pure ecology, but the masters at Sheffield allowed me to move into a design and planning career.”

Dikshita Dutt, Stantec

Dikshita graduated from MA Landscape Architecture in 2013 and is Associate Landscape Planner in the Bristol offices of Barton Willmore, now Stantec.

“Studying at Sheffield has given me an all rounded experience and skills. I did a both planning and design and that’s given me so much flexibility.”

Dave Singleton, DSA Environment and Design

Dave is a landscape architect with nearly 30 years experience.  He founded DSA Environment + Design in Nottingham in 2005.

“All our practice are from Sheffield. We love coming here; it’s home. We know that the quality of the intake is excellent and the teaching here is excellent.”

Kristina Mckie, Ecus Ltd

Kristina is Associate Director and Head of Landscape at Ecus ltd in Sheffield and has over 20 years experience providing environmental consultancy.

“Ecus has always had strong links with Sheffield University; our headquarters and landscape team are based here, so we’re perfectly placed to accept students from Sheffield.”

Timothy Cousins, EPD Landscape

Timothy is Principle Landscape Architect at EPD Landscape in Carlisle.

“Our project base is across the spectrum: we do public realm, parks, residential, recreational and industrial. If people come to our business they get involved in all different aspects of Landscape Architecture.”

Christos Papachristou, JBA Consulting

Originally from Greece, Christos is Senior Landscape Architect at JBA Consulting in Dublin.

“Studying in Sheffield was inspirational. You come at this critical point in your life and meet the right people to guide you through the process.”

Helen Smith, JBA Consulting

Helen is Technical Director of Landscape Architecture at JBA Consulting in Newcastle. She tells us why Sheffield is their first port of call when recruiting students.

“Being from Sheffield, you just know that when your CV falls, someone will be really impressed you came from this institution.”