Research Excellence Framework 2014


The Department of Landscape at the University of Sheffield has achieved an outstanding result in the UK Governments Research Excellence Framework (REF) for the UK, published on December 19th 2014.

Landscape at Sheffield is ranked as the top UK Landscape Architecture school in all the key indicators of this comprehensive review of the quality and excellence of research output in British universities. In terms of the % of research that is ‘world leading’, the assessment of the overall quality of its research, the ‘Impact’ of its research (the application and influence of that research in practice and policy), and in the general ranking of research excellence, the Department of Landscape at Sheffield is ranked as first.

Professor Nigel Dunnett, Director of Research in the Department of Landscape said "We are thrilled at the recognition of the quality and scope of our research in the Research Excellence Framework. In particular, the recognition that nearly half our our research output (48%) is ‘world-leading' and of the very highest quality possible, and that the great majority of our research is deemed to be of international quality, is a fantastic reflection on the skills, expertise and dedication of our staff, and of our leadership position in the UK. Our top ranking in terms of Impact shows how closely our research is tied in with the policy and practice of landscape architecture. And, of course, it indicates how students on our undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses in Landscape Architecture at Sheffield are exposed to the very latest exciting ideas and concepts at the forefront of the subject, through the cutting-edge work of our staff."

Landscape Architecture as a subject was grouped in the Built Environment unit for the REF, which also included the subjects of Architecture and Planning. The Department of Landscape at the University of Sheffield was part of a joint submission with the Planning and Architecture schools at the University of Sheffield. Overall, the University of Sheffield joint submission was ranked as being the 4th highest in the whole of the UK in terms of the Built Environment. Within the Built Environment category, the Department of Landscape was the highest ranking Landscape Architecture school, with no other Landscape Architecture school being listed within the top 10 of UK universities. The Research Excellence Framework is periodically undertaken by the UK Government, and the outcome determines, in part, the amount and extent of Government funding and support that a university receives.

Further information about our REF2014 results