Sell-out launch of 'Naturalistic Planting Design' by Professor Nigel Dunnett

Sell-out launch of 'Naturalistic Planting Design' by Professor Nigel Dunnett

Professor Nigel Dunnett’s new book: Naturalistic Planting Design: The Essential Guide, was officially launched at a sell-out event at The Garden Museum, London on 2 April.

The evening launch included a presentation from Nigel about the ideas and philosophy behind the book, followed by an ‘in conversation’ session with Sarah Price (with whom Nigel and Professor James Hitchmough collaborated over the London Olympic Park 2012 Gardens), and questions from the audience.

The book considers a theoretical framework for contemporary naturalistic design, and brings together ideas and concepts that Nigel has been working on for the past 20 years, fully illustrated with project and applied examples. It includes a foreword written by Piet Oudolf.

Nigel said: "I firmly believe that the profile of planting design has to be raised up so that it is seen as a fundamental platform upon which much of landscape architecture is built. The creative integration of living systems with human development, and the infiltration of nature and green into every aspect of everyday life is crucial to the health and well-being of future generations, and to meeting the challenges of climate change. For that, we need people who can be adventurous with plants, soils and ecology, and it has to be design-based."

"I hope this book will help to de-mystify the whole topic of naturalistic planting, and help it to go mainstream. It’s a book about ideas, and a way of thinking, and I hope it encourages people to experiment. I was thrilled that Piet Oudolf agreed to write the foreword, and that he has been so supportive in the whole endeavour. And it was a real honour for Sarah Price to host the launch event and to provide a really stimulating discussion and conversation in front of the audience at The Garden Museum."

Nigel’s lecture series in 2018 on planting design to both level 2 undergraduates and first year postgraduates in Landscape Architecture at the University of Sheffield was largely based around the structure and content of the book.

Rave reviews

A week after publication the book has been listed as a ‘best-seller’ on Amazon and has received very positive reviews:

"(the book) should be considered indispensable for anyone with an interest in current gardening trends" Gardens Illustrated

"Every page is, literally, brilliant. A book to keep and return to for its invaluable and proven research." Daily Telegraph

"Naturalistic Planting Design is an important and inspiring book that takes planting to a whole new level". Country Life

An American version will be published in the US and Canada in July 2019.

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