Ross Cameron discusses the super powers of plants on BBC2

Dr Ross Cameron on BBC2's Gardeners' World

The role of gardens and landscape plants in providing important environmental and social functions is to be highlighted by Dr Ross Cameron on BBC2 on Friday 29th September at 9pm.

Ross, Senior Lecturer in Landscape Management, Ecology and Design, spoke to BBC Gardeners' World presenter Arit Anderson about the ways that ornamental landscape plants can help us in terms of environmental improvements, promoting biodiversity and improving wellbeing.

Filmed over eight hours in Ross’ garden, the interview draws on his research into the beneficial aspects of plants and gardens – known as ‘ecosystem services.’

Plants can provide effective cooling around a building during warm summer days Plants can provide effective cooling around a building during warm summer days

Ross said: “This is a great opportunity to promote the work of some of our PhD students and highlight the ecosystem services that ornamental plants can provide. This includes the way different plants can cool our buildings in summer, improve heat retention in winter by as much as 30% as well as intercept harmful air-borne pollutants.”

Ross will show what types of plants are useful for blocking off noise and most beneficial in terms of slowing rainfall run-off and reducing the risk of urban flooding.

He also discusses current research that is investigating the way gardens and garden design might encourage people to relax and de-stress more effectively.


Ross added: “we understand that most people garden to make their immediate surroundings look beautiful, but our current programme of research may encourage gardens to be better valued by policy makers due to their contributions to environmental improvements and the health and wellbeing agenda.”

“I hope this sort of media coverage raises the profile of how gardens (and quality green spaces in general) can make our cities much more amenable places to live in.”

The research in the longer term will help Landscape Architects and Garden Designers select the most appropriate plants to provide solutions to site specific problems. A case yet again of right plant right place!”

Watch Ross at 9pm on BBC2 on Friday 29th September.

Different plants have thier own thermal profiles Different plants have their own thermal profiles