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Department of Landscape Architecture

Senior University Teacher

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Mel Burton
Department of Landscape Architecture
Arts Tower
Western Bank
S10 2TN

I started teaching in the Department in 1998 whilst I worked in practice as a Chartered Landscape Architect, in the private, public and the third sectors, and then as a Research Fellow and Project Manager for a series of EU and UK multidisciplinary research projects at the University. I now work full time as a Senior University Teacher.  

How we design and manage landscape are central to tackling global issues and Landscape Architects need the skills to develop solutions and persuade decision makers these are the right ones.

I bring my practice experience and research interests into my teaching with both undergraduate and postgraduate students.  These focus on ecological design and management, specifically ‘place-keeping’ and how we design and manage landscapes to deliver long term benefits for people and nature. These ideas are central to tackling some of the global issues we currently face and Landscape Architects need the skills to develop solutions to persuade decision makers at all levels these are the right solutions.


Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute

Senior Fellow Higher Education Academy


Edited books

Journal articles


Teaching activities

Undergraduate module lead

LSC230 Landscape Ecology 1: Ecological Processes, Design and Management

LSC240 Urban Ecological Design and Planting (Dual Architecture and Landscape)

Postgraduate module lead

LSC6112 Urban Ecological Design and Management

LSC6007 and LSC6017 Landscape Professional Practice

Studio tutor

LSC6111 Landscape Architecture: Nature, Design, People.

LSC6026 Special Project Research and Development Study

LSC6005 Special Project (design/ management strand)

LSC6003, LSC6140, Landscape Research Dissertation

Administrative Responsibilities

Examinations Officer

Undergraduate Year 2 Lead

Personal Tutor