Hanyu Qi

Department of Landscape Architecture

PhD Student


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Hanyu Qi
Department of Landscape Architecture
Arts Tower
Western Bank
S10 2TN

In the light of increasingly rapid climate change, has resulted in serious environmental issues in many areas around the world. Forests are considers as a crucial way to mitigate the climate change, have been gaining more and more attention.

As a landscape architecture student, what can I do to enhance the environment for human well-being is my initial motivation for further study. So my research interest is about climate change, ecology, forests/woodland, and their relationship to human well-being. In term of my project, the topic is What is the potential trend in forest rewiding? ----The suitability of the MF method in the 21st century England/UK?

We primarily focus on a novel tree planting method -- Miyawaki Forest method. It is based on the theory of potential natural vegetation (PNV) and succession, and is stressed and advocated using indigenous tree species to create native forests, which has the advantages of lower cost, less maintenance, shorter time to forest establishment, richer species and enable more carbon sequestration than traditional tree planting method after established. But the Miyawaki method has not received much attention in the UK -- which is also facing environmental problems regarding climate change. So, this research is going to explore the suitability of the Miyawaki Forest method in the 21st century UK and also peoples' perceptions towards it.