Ms Yuhan Meng

Department of Landscape Architecture

PhD Student

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Ms Yuhan Meng
Department of Landscape Architecture
Arts Tower
Western Bank
S10 2TN

The 20th century was a period of unprecedented changes in British woodland history regarding their extent, configuration, management and function. Taking into account the woodland management in existing urban woodlands, and the attitudes and perceptions of woodland management of stakeholders, may help to reduce threats and conflicts in woodland perceptions and use, and to provide practical recommendations for the future management of urban woodland.

My PhD research focuses on urban woodland management taking a long-term perspective. A series of urban woodlands in Sheffield will be used as case studies, aiming to review the history of Sheffield’s urban woodland management since the 1900s, to understand the changing relationship between its urban woodland, its management and its users.

Research group

Dr. Nicola Dempsey and Andy Clayden