We are proud to support the Landscape Institute’s campaign to encourage students to pursue a career in Landscape Architecture. We spoke to some of our current students and asked them why they decided to #chooselandscape


Nicola Stevens | MA Landscape Architecture


“I previously worked as a social policy professional and I chose to study Landscape Architecture because I like to work in roles helping others. Landscape has a tangible impact that I find a very fulfilling part of the design process. Its great being able to draw everyday - it’s very satisfying and helps me think. My love for designing is more than a hobby now.”

Tom Jackson | MA Landscape Architecture

Tom Jackson

“With Human Geography and Psychology as my favourite A-levels, I chose to pursue Landscape Architecture because I was fascinated how changes in our built environment correlated to changes in our mood, behaviour and wellbeing. This was also made apparent from growing up on an area of Greenbelt land in Cheshire, seeing significant urban expansion, with consequent dramatic effects on the landscape.”

Isabel England | MA Landscape Architecture

Isabel England

“I chose landscape because I enjoyed exploring the everyday relationships between people and places during my undergraduate Human Geography degree, as well as the creativity and imagination from my Fine Art A-Level. I want to be a part of innovative planning and design in order to combat future global challenges such as climate change, healthy living and landscape regeneration and preservation.”

Teja Vaddiparthi | MA Landscape Architecture

Teja Vaddiparthi

“While studying architecture in Vijayawada, India we worked on making buildings sustainable. Whilst designing interior spaces was interesting, we never focused on the ecological aspects and the impact that design has on an environmental scale. That is what made me aspire to do Landscape Architecture.”


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