Amazing studio facilities and world-class teaching

Alex Patience
Alex Patience
Undergraduate student
Landscape Architecture BA, MLA
Alex wanted a course that would combine his favourite subject, geography, with design and technology. Since studying in the Department of Landscape Architecture he has found the balance between nature and design.
Alex Patience

What was your favourite subject at school?

My favourite subject was probably geography. I enjoyed learning about how the world worked and getting out of the classroom on field trips.

I was looking for a course that combined geography, design and technology - and came across landscape architecture, which was perfect, an interesting balance between nature, design and information technology.

Alex Patience

Landscape Architecture BA, MLA

In what way is the course different from what you expected?

It was different in that it was a lot broader than I imagined, landscape is so diverse, I had no idea until starting the course. It’s everywhere!

What’s the best thing about the course at Sheffield?

Probably a tie between the amazing studio facilities and the world-class teaching. It's a good sign to see your tutors writing books and on the news.

What do you hope to do with your degree in the future?

I hope to continue with work I did on my year in industry, looking at how our cities can fit in with the natural world, looking at living architecture and the role of green infrastructure.

Tell us about something unexpected that you have done during your degree

It was totally unexpected that I would of been able to be funded to go and live and study in Germany for six months, I had never heard of the Erasmus exchange program before, and it really was an incredible experience that I learnt a lot from.

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