Not one day in the studio is the same

Christopher Young
Christopher Young
Undergraduate student
Landscape Architecture BSc
Christopher spent his first year on BA Landscape Architecture. But having been encouraged by his lectures to follow his interests, he switched to the BSc with no regrets.
Christopher Young

What was your favourite subject at school and why?

I really enjoyed the creative freedom of Product Design. It was the process of seeing something come to life from the initial design stage - with a splurge of ideas on paper - to a refined final concept and resulting product.

Why did you decide to study Landscape Architecture at Sheffield?

Landscape Architecture as a course seemingly married all of the things I enjoyed about each of my subjects at A-Level. My brother had studied Landscape Architecture at Sheffield and was very encouraging of my own pursuit of the course. For me, it became an obvious choice; not only were the facilities at Sheffield second to none at a departmental level, the city was also welcoming and friendly.

The BSc appealed to my curiosities surrounding flora and fauna; how and why landscapes work and how we as Landscape Architects can aid ecological processes.

Christopher Young

Landscape Architecture BSc

What specifically attracted you to the BSc route? 

I initially wanted to study the Bachelor of Arts (BA) but after my first year at Sheffield I was encouraged to pursue my own personal interests. My lecturers helped me to make a decision and I did not regret it one bit. The BSc appealed to my curiosities surrounding flora and fauna; how and why landscapes work and how we as Landscape Architects can aid ecological processes.

In what way (if any) was your course different from what you expected?

The course was exactly as expected! I have loved every minute of it. If anything, I would say that the passion and range of skills from the staff has enriched my learning experience to a point that surpassed my expectations.

Christopher Young sketching in Lisbon
The field study trip to Lisbon was a highlight for Christopher

What did you enjoy most about your course?

Site visits and the field study trip in third year to Lisbon, Portugal were among my most enjoyable moments. You do get a sense that Landscape Architecture at Sheffield is unlike any course. Not one day in the studio is the same. Going out on visits and bonding with course mates and your lecturers just furthers the university experience. These were some of the most enjoyable moments on the course for me - even if it was bucketing down outside!

What do you hope to do with your degree in the future?

I aspire to perhaps, one day, own my own small Landscape practice. I'd like to see myself becoming a Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute and perhaps going abroad for a few years to further my experience. I think part of what I have learnt already is that you have scope as an experienced Landscape Architect to carve a niche for yourself.

What advice would you give to someone considering studying Landscape Architecture?

I would say - go for it. It is a course like no other. It is not a clear cut course where you must be interested in particular elements of science or geography; or even be good at art. I always felt that I perhaps wasn't that good at sketching - but I realised, having now studied at Sheffield that these skills can constantly be improved. You will learn so much. There really is no excuse!

If you had to pick one stand out memory from your time in Sheffield, what would it be?

For our BSc module in third year we had to create a video that acted as a replacement for a traditional site evaluation. My team came up with a concept where my friend dressed as a Victorian factory worker and we pretended that we had gone back in time to Sheffield's industrial boom to explain some of the city's history. The looks we received from passers-by were 'interesting' to say the least!

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