The course combines my love of art and geography

Emily James
Emily James
Undergraduate student
Landscape Architecture BA, MLA
Emily combined her favourite subjects when she chose to study landscape architecture. While studying she has applied this passion to work with clients.
Emily James

What was your favourite subject at school?

At school, I could never choose between art and geography.

I loved the creativity and culture of art, learning to paint and the evolution of art history.

In geography, I enjoyed learning about physical processes as well as how humans experience the world, why things develop and people migrate.

Why did you decide to study landscape architecture at Sheffield?

I decided to study landscape architecture at Sheffield because it was a way that I could combine my love for both subjects.

It’s a subject that would give me practical skills and lead to a career where I could influence the way people live on a daily basis.

I chose Sheffield because I wanted to study at a university that had a strong academic side and mix with students from a wide range of subjects.

Emily James

Landscape Architecture BA, MLA

Tell us a bit about your course.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the relaxed environment in the studios (as well as the views!) The tutors are friendly and enthusiastic and will often walk around the studios, giving feedback on our work. We also get to go on a lot of field trips, which is always fun.

What has surprised you about your course?

During the course, I have had the opportunity to work with real clients, designing space for college students. It was a great experience to listen to their thoughts. Because it was their own space, they had a solid idea of what would and wouldn’t work.

What would you like to do when you graduate?

At the moment I think that when I graduate, I would like to work on community-based projects. By working with groups of people, I hope to help make the places they live better and improve their local landscapes so that they are well used.

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