Blurring the Edges: A creative exploration of social frontiers

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Thursday 7 September 2023
Rotherham Open Arts Renaissance, Rotherham


'Life at the Frontier' researchers co-produced an arts-based performance 'Blurring the Edges' and Q&A feedback session to provide a space for Rotherham residents to reflect upon how ‘social frontiers’ affect their lives. The work is a result of a collaboration between Dr Aneta Piekut, Dr Henry Staples, Dr Zanib Rasool, Prof. Gwilym Pryce - researchers at the University of Sheffield - and Bulgarian-born, Sheffield-based artist/cultural producer Lora Krasteva and Rotherham based visual artist Uzma Rani.

Blurring the Edges is a look at the research on social frontiers through performance, visual art, augmented reality, conversation and debate. Using multiple senses to evoke emotion whilst educating and entertaining audiences, expect interrogation of boundaries, a perspective on the migrant/non-migrant experience and even a little food - as art opens up the notion of social frontiers. 

Doors: 7pm

Start time: 7.30pm

Approximate running length: 1 hour 30 minutes

Ticket price: free

Seating: unreserved

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