Postcoloniality and Forced Migration book launch

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Tuesday 13 September 2022


Postcoloniality and Forced Migration is a collection of essays edited by Lucy Mayblin, Martin Lemberg-Pedersen, Sharla Fett, Nina Sahraoui and Eva Magdalena Stambøl.

This powerful book explicates the many ways in which colonial encounters continue to shape forced migration, ever evolving with times and various geographical contexts.

Bringing historians, political scientists, sociologists, anthropologists and criminologists together, the book presents examples of forced migration events and politics ranging from the 18th century to the practices and geopolitics of the present day. These case studies, covering Europe, Africa, North America, Asia and South America, are then put in dialogue with each other to propose new theoretical and real-world agendas for the field.

As the pervasive legacies of colonialism continue to shape global politics, this unprecedented book moves beyond critique, ahistoricity and Eurocentrism in refugee and forced migration studies and establishes postcoloniality and forced migration as an important field of migration research.

This launch event will include presentations from one of the editors, Martin Lemberg-Pedersen, and four of the authors. Lucy Mayblin will chair the event. 

This event will take place online.

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