AMI used to create music for new ESA Mercury flyby soundtrack

MIMA collaborator ILĀ has used the University of Sheffield's AI music generation tool in their new composition for the European Space Agency

An image showing part of the region of Mercury covered by the ESA flyover sequence, reconstructed as a 3D anaglyph

MIMA is delighted to announce that its novel AI tool, AMI (Artificial Musical Intelligence), has been used by the composer ILĀ as part of a new commission for the European Space Agency (ESA).

The new composition soundtracks a film featuring the planet Mercury, as captured by the ESA/JAXA BepiColombo spacecraft as it "sped by the planet’s night side during its 19 June 2023 close flyby".

The ESA writes: "Music was composed for the sequence by ILĀ, with the assistance of AI tools developed by the Machine Intelligence for Musical Audio (MIMA) group, University of Sheffield.

"Music from the previous two flyby movies composed by Maison Mercury Jones’ creative director ILĀ (formerly known as Anil Sebastian) and Ingmar Kamalagharan was given to the AI tool to suggest seeds for the new composition, which ILĀ then chose from to edit and weave together with other elements into the new piece.

"The team at the University of Sheffield has developed an Artificial Musical Intelligence (AMI), a large-scale general-purpose deep neural network that can be personalised to individual musicians and use cases. 

"The project with the University of Sheffield is aimed at exploring the boundaries of the ethics of AI creativity, while also emphasising the essential contributions of the (human) composer."

You can read the full story here.

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