Music Mind Machine

Music Mind Machine research centre offers a platform for researchers and students to investigate musical experience from an interdisciplinary perspective, combining theories and methods from music, psychology, social sciences and computational sciences.


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Our projects fall under the broad categories of ‘Music in context’, ‘Emotion, aesthetics and meaning’, and ‘Performance and interaction’. We are interested in fundamental questions related to music cognition as well as everyday life uses and applications of music.


The centre brings together academic staff, early career researchers, doctoral and postgraduate students. It is directed by Professor Renee Timmers, who has an interdisciplinary background in music and psychology. Most research projects are conducted collaboratively and involve people with various backgrounds, working across disciplines and departments.


The centre has strong connections with music-related organisations in and outside of Sheffield, that work in the fields of education, performance, health and wellbeing, and other relevant area such as sleep-technology and hearing aids.

Events and opportunities

Get involved with the centre by joining the reading group, participating in lab meetings, seminars or conferences, or as research participant. See the centre’s website and conference list for further details.



Facilities include dedicated lab-space for music psychological experiments, and high specification sound studios. Equipment available to students and researchers include equipment to measure hand-movements, physiological and neurophysiological responses, reaction times, muscle tension (EMG), as well as digital performance instruments, video and audio recording equipment.

Events at the University

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