Apply for disability support

How to set up disability support for when you arrive at University.


What support is available?

For information on the disability support available to you, please visit:

How to apply

Step 1: Tell us that you’re disabled 

Please tell us about your disability on your UCAS / University application form so we can contact you about setting up support before you start your course.

If you haven’t done this you can contact us directly to discuss disability support.

Contact DDSS

For further information about why we need this information and what we do with it, please visit:

Step 2: Send us evidence of your disability 

Please send written evidence providing information about your disability to: 

The page below explains what evidence we require and how to obtain it. 

It may take a few weeks or months to obtain diagnostic evidence. We advise that you send your evidence as early as possible before you start University to avoid delays in accessing your support.

Step 3: Contact us when you arrive 

If you haven’t already been in touch with one of our advisors before you arrive, please contact us to discuss the next steps you need to take to access support.

Contact DDSS

Related information 

To talk to a current student about disability support go to Key Topics > Disabled Students on the page below. 

Talk to a current student