Change of status

Information that may affect your Tier 4 or Student visa, including how to change your course or withdraw from the University.

Changing your programme of study

If you're on a Tier 4 or Student visa and want to change your programme of study, follow these steps.

Change your course

Taking a leave of absence (LOA)

What to do before and after taking a leave of absence (LOA), and how this will affect your Student or Tier 4 visa.

Apply for an LOA

Change of study location for dissertation (postgraduate taught student)

If you're a postgraduate taught student on a Tier 4 or Student visa, and you wish to study your dissertation from overseas, follow these steps:

Apply to change location

Withdrawing from the University

Students who wish to withdraw from the University of Sheffield need to follow these instructions before applying.

Withdraw from the University

Study/time limit extensions

How to extend your study/time limits as a postgraduate student on a Student or Tier 4 visa.

Study/time limit extensions