CAS (Continuing students)

Continuing students wishing to extend or renew their Student Visa can apply for a new Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from International Student Support.


When to request a new CAS

Where you are a continuing student, you may require a new CAS if you are

  • returning from a leave of absence (student login required).
  • upgrading to an integrated degree programme.
  • a PhD/MPhil candidate requesting a time extension to submit/resubmit/attend viva.
  • continuing a degree course following repeats/resits (student login required). Not everyone who resits exams is entitled to a new CAS. When we approve your resit, we will send you detailed immigration advice and tell you if you can apply for a CAS and if so, when you can submit your request.
  • changing to a new degree programme following a change of status (student login required). Not everyone changing course requires a CAS - please wait for the personalised immigration advice which we will email you following your COS request. In this email we will tell you if you need a new CAS and when you can apply for it.

How to request a new CAS number

Where you are applying inside the UK, you should request a new CAS three months before your current leave expires.

Where you are applying outside the UK, you can request your CAS at any time. However, we advise that you request a new CAS three months before submitting a new visa application.

  1. Please send your request in writing to International Student Support to, including your full name and registration number.
  2. You will be issued a CAS application form by the CAS Team which you must review and send back.
  3. Where you are a non-low risk national, you will receive an email with instructions for submitting supporting financial documents.
  4. The CAS team will request any supporting information required (e.g. copy of new passport, boarding pass or passport stamp as evidence of leaving the UK).
  5. Once your CAS has been approved, your information will be submitted to the Home Office.
  6. You will then receive an email confirming your new CAS number. You can view your CAS statement by logging into MUSE.

CAS issue policy

The University of Sheffield issues CAS in accordance with the rules set out by UKVI. If we have reason to believe you will not be able to meet the requirements for successfully obtaining a Student Visa, we reserve the right to decline your CAS application.

Examples of such instances can be but are not limited to:

  • Not meeting the Student visa maintenance requirements.
  • If you have exceeded or will exceed the student Visa time limits set by UKVI.
  • If you have used deception in a previous visa application.
  • If you have previously overstayed your visa.

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