Review of the single technology assessment (STA) process

The single technology appraisal (STA) process was introduced by NICE in 2005 as a means of undertaking “fast track” appraisals of single technologies, for single indications.


Unlike the standard multiple technology appraisal (MTA) process, STA relies on a manufacturer evidence submission and an independent critique of that submission, rather than an independent analysis.

This project is concerned with how the STA process operates. Using the overarching themes of methodological robustness, transparency and inclusiveness, ten STAs were tracked as cases in the review.

A range of data is drawn on to gain an insight into the STA process: documents and correspondence surrounding each case, attendance at Appraisal Committee (AC) meetings, interviews and surveys of stakeholders and AC members.

DSU report

A review of the NICE single technology appraisal process (PDF, 331KB) (January 2008)

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