Calculating severity shortfall for nice evaluations

In January 2022, NICE introduced Quality Adjusted Life Year (QALY) weights for health technologies for patient groups where the condition is considered to impose a high degree of severity. Severity is measured in terms of absolute and proportional shortfall (AS and PS).


This document provides guidance on how to calculate AS and PS and proposed data that should be used in those calculations. This is to try to ensure there is consistency across appraisals.

Absolute and proportional shortfall (AS and PS) both measure the difference between the number of QALYs patients would be expected to experience over the remainder of their lives under current care compared to the general population of the same age and sex.

This report refers to sources for life expectancy, quality of life by age and sex and calculation methods to estimate AS and PS.



TSD23: A guide to calculating severity shortfall for nice evaluations (PDF, 317KB)

DSU severity shortfall calculator (Excel, 37KB)

QALY Shortfall Calculator 

TSD23: One page summary

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McNamara S, Schneider PP, Love-Koh J, Doran T, Gutacker N. Quality-Adjusted Life Expectancy Norms for the English Population. Value in Health. 2022 Aug 12.

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