Research Overview

The Logistics Supply Chain Management (LSCM) research theme is an interdisciplinary research strand within the OMDS research centre at Sheffield University Management School.


Expertise within the theme covers a wide range of relevant disciplines and methodological approaches.  Members of the theme are engaged in a variety of research projects exploring the issues and challenges around logistics, supply chain management and sustainable transportation. 

The research undertaken within the LSCM theme is complementary to the University of Sheffield Flagship Research Institute’s – Energy Institute and Institute for Sustainable Food. Further links between LSCM and the Faculty of Social Science research priority regarding sustainable futures.  

LSCM is an interdisciplinary research strand within the OMDS.

Research Interest topics within the LSCM theme:

  • Logistics
  • Transport
  • Freight Transport
  • Supply Chains
  • Sustainable logistics and SCM
  • Reverse logistics
  • Operations Management
  • Urban logistics
  • Food supply chains
  • Physical Internet
  • Supply chain resilience and structural complexity
  • Intelligent transportation systems  

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