FutureLearn courses from the University of Sheffield

Thinking of going to uni? The University of Sheffield has a number of free, online taster courses to help you try a subject, meet academic staff and get a taste of university before you make a decision. 

Available to anyone, these no-obligation courses are free to take part in, offer a wide selection of subjects and allow you to work alongside thousands of other learners across the world. They are also an excellent way to evidence your learning and interest in a topic, especially when considering an application to university. Even if higher education isn't your final aim, they can also be used to support your career development and professional ambitions.

Building a Future with Robots. For careers in robotic design, driverless cars, smart manufacturing

Dentistry, introduction to dentistry. Ideal for careers in dentistry, health and orthodontics.

English literature. Literature of the English Country House. Ideal for careers in writing

Crime, Justice and Society. For careers in law, policing, criminology, youth work, prison service

Forensic Facial Reconstruction. Ideal for careers in forensic science, anatomy, criminology

Engineering. Careers in mechanical, electrical, aerospace, chemical, civil, structural engineering

Careers, how to get a job. Learn how to apply, interview and start the job or course of your dreams.

Data. Ideal for careers in statistics, journalism, data science, social analysis and public service

Health Economics. Ideal for careers in healthcare, medicine, finance, economics and mangement

The Importance of Play in Everyday Life. Ideal for careers in teaching, care work, play therapy.