The University of Sheffield Politics Society

Our society is one of the best ways politics students can get to know each other, settle into student life and enhance their university experience.

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The Politics society is the perfect place for all University of Sheffield students who are enthusiastic about Politics and International Relations. We provide all sorts of opportunities for you to engage in with course friends, alumni, and staff.

Here are some of the things we get up to:

  • Political events
  • Socials
  • Networking sessions
  • European trips
  • Intramural sports teams
  • Political speaker sessions
  • Volunteering

    We are a very active community and have ongoing projects such as the Pocket Politics Podcast and The PolSoc Paper.

    Pocket Politics Podcast

    PolSoc Paper

    An award-winning society

    We are incredibly proud that, in 2020, the Politics Society was awarded the PSA's Politics Society of the Year for its ‘innovative activities,’ ‘inclusivity,’ and ‘activities beyond campus.’


    We host a variety of events for our members including political, social, and community events.

    Some Examples Are:

    • Talks and seminars with MPs and Think Tank speakers
    • Nights out and Sober Socials
    • Freshers socials
    • Society Collabs (Like our event with Dance your Socks off)
    • Annual trips abroad
    • Winter Dinner and Summer ball

      We work with other political societies to ensure we are offering dynamic events that reach everyone on the political spectrum. Our social secretaries are also expanding the activities on offer to increase fun and inclusivity. We are keen to stress that there are no drinking initiations for students.


      We have a number of successful sports teams in the intramural leagues. Including Netball and Men and Women's Football, with both 6 aside and 11 aside teams.

      POL - Pol Soc netball 2019

      Whether you're a professional or a complete beginner, everyone is welcome to join the sport team of their choice. It’s a great way to take a break from studies and make some lasting friendships with your course mates. Each sport organises their own socials and awards nights - it’s all great fun!

      Involvement beyond the campus

      As well as loads of great activities on campus, we offer a bunch of opportunities to get involved with politics beyond the campus. Develop your skills, build valuable contacts, and let out your creative side.

      Charity and volunteering

      We organise a variety of fundraising events throughout the year to raise money for our chosen charity, Assist Sheffield.

      Annually we also run a volunteering scheme called People's Politics. Where you can develop essential skills by planning and delivering Politics lessons to primary school students.

      Alumni networking

      A big part of this society is providing our members with opportunities to network and build useful contacts. We hold careers fairs, networking events, and a variety of talks from industry professionals to enhance your employability awareness and ambitions.

      Pol Soc media projects

      As well as focussing on skills development and networking we also have two mainstream media projects.


      Podcast Our student lead Pocket Politics Podcast features a youth perspective on politics and global events. We look to have friendly discussions about a variety of topics, from the financial sector to feminism. Featuring guest speakers ranging from staff to students and sometimes from beyond the campus! Find us on Spotify, Google podcasts, and Radio Public.

      PolSoc Paper

      The PolSoc Paper is a revival of an older PolSoc Project. The Blog is an opportunity for political writers to have a space and domain that is completely theirs.

      Any University of Sheffield student can contribute to our growing online paper and we welcome articles on a wide range of topics as long as it relates to politics!

      To pitch an article get in touch with the Editor-in-Cheif, Josh Thory-Rao, 

      For more information and to keep up to date with the paper join the PolSoc Paper Team Facebook group.

      The Politics Society is wonderful as it provides support for all students regardless if they do Politics or not. I have met new people and even been on a trip to Amsterdam. You’ll definitely emerge a more confident person with greater social skills.

      Ifrah Ismail

      BA Politics and International Relations

      pol soc social night out 2019


      How to join

      If you would like to join The Politics Society here at The University of Sheffield, then you can do so by visiting our page on the Sheffield Students’ Union website:


      Membership costs just £15 for three years or £5 for one year. Masters students can opt for a discounted membership priced at just £4 for one year.

      The membership fee goes towards the organisation and running of our activities, making sure we give you the best value for money for all the socials, sports, charities and activities you can get involved in during your time at Sheffield.

      Get in touch

      If you have any questions for us or would like any more information about PolSoc, do get in touch! You can email us at, or contact us via our social media using the links below:

      Your Committee - 2022/2023

      President - Annabel Trevillion

      Secretary - Laura Lazaro Monzon

      Treasurer - Kristina Krusteva

      Inclusions officer - Julia Kumar

      Social Secretaries - Alfie Williams & Nuria Gordon

      Events Secretaries - Mark Ormerod & Aimee Llewellyn

      Political Events Secretaries - Laura Gilling & Emily Wright

      Charity Secretary - Isaac Howarth

      Volunteering Secretary - Vacant

      Men's Football Secretaries - Jake Love & Benny Phillips

      Women's Football Secretary - Eileen Andino-Munoz

      Netball Secretary - Rebekah Patterson

      Media & IT Secretary - Jake Dannatt

      Alumni & Graduate Secretary- Vacant

      Podcast Lead - Resh Thomas

      Paper Editor - Josh Thory-Rao

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