In and Around Mannheim

By Maddy Gray

Mannheim bridge

In my spare time, I enjoy walks or runs along the Rhein or Necker towards the Fernmeldeturm as it is very near to my Semester 1 flat, but it's very easy to get around Mannheim with the trams, wherever you are. Neckerstadt-west is also a cool area, with many cool cafes, street art, murals and charity shops to explore! There are also many cool bars and clubs in Mannheim, most of them would sadly be techno, and as much as I want to like it, I don’t quite yet! We often went to Chaplins, a fun pop club in the centre. 

In October, Mannheimer Messe took place, which was a fairground on the outside of Mannheim. It was only a tram away, and it was so much fun. There was a big Ferris wheel, lots of rides and food to experience. 

Park road in Mannheim

There would always be something going on, and a real highlight was a Halloween street festival called Nachtwandel (the picture to the right) in Jungbusch (the student area). 

There was live music, art and cultural events and people dancing in the streets. Walking around and taking in the atmosphere with my friends was really fun. The Erasmus student network at the university would also host many events throughout the year, at clubs, bars, city trips, or just meeting up with friends in Mannheim. It was always really fun when they ran an event. On the weekends, I would often travel around because, with your student card, it’s free! :)

The Wasserturm would also always look really nice at sunrise/ set and during the Christmas markets! Here are some pictures below.