Award winning students at the BISA Climate Simulation

Four students from the Department of Politics and International Relations attended the BISA climate summit simulation in December, winning two prizes for their outstanding work.

Scarlett, Kaydian, Rose and Arran stood holding wine glasses in front of a christmas tree

Scarlett, Kaydian, Rose, and Arran led negotiations in their group and repeatedly reached their targets throughout the different tasks in the simulation representing Algeria and Russia respectively.

The results, which were hotly contested, saw Kaydian Payne and Scarlett Vickers awarded the Distinguished Prize for their representation of Algeria in the negotiations, always networking and making substantive gains towards target reductions on Co2 emissions.

Rose Weetman and Arran Andrews were awarded the Best Embrace of the Role prize for their representation of Russia with the Summit, at one point, at risk of collapse due to the backroom deal making between the 'Russian' representatives and their counterparts in China and the US. 

It was fantastic to see the students flourish in a high-pressured negotiating setting, not only responding to the changing political environment of the model summit but also taking the lead and directly shaping the outcomes. An outstanding performance from them all

Dr Greg Stiles

University Teacher

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